In accordance with Law No. 93/2021, of December 20th (“Law”), which transposed into the Portuguese legal system Directive (EU) 2019/1937, of October 23rd, 2019, relating to the protection of people reporting infractions, entities that employ 50 or more workers are required to have a reporting channel, in order to detect and prevent possible irregular practices.

In the Reporting Channel you can quickly and easily report issues related to actual misconduct or suspected misconduct that could affect the company or people`s well-being.

The reporting system must be used consciously so that false accusations are not made against any and/or entity, and in general, any information that is known to be false.

All submissions will be treated in the strictest confidence.


Garantimos a integridade dos dados e a confidencialidade do denunciante, durante todo o processo de análise e por tempo indeterminado, após o tratamento da denúncia.

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